2024 FIRST Robotics Competition Western & Central PA Kickoff

The FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff will be held Saturday, January 6, 2024, and we are happy you are all a part of the event.  The Western & Central PA Kickoff at the McKeesport High School will be a “Pick up Only” event.  This means that team members may stay warm and cozy at their home base while a driver (and companion?) visits the McKeesport High School to pick up the Kit of Parts that will be used for this season’s game, 2024 CRESCENDO presented by Haas.

Please send us an email to let us know that someone other than a coach or mentor of your team will be picking up your team’s kit of parts. It’s not formal, but we would like to know what’s up.

Please call 610-401-4310 if you know you will have a delay, either now or on-route.

LocationMcKeesport High School Auditorium and Cafe, 1960 Eden Park Blvd., McKeesport, PA 15132

This is a pick-up only event.
DateJanuary 6th, 2024
TimeKickoff time 2024:
The preshow starts at 11:30 and the Kickoff presentation is at 12:00 noon

Doors open at 11:00. Kits may be distributed once the presentation goes to the Question & Answer period. Please pick up kits by 1:30

2024 Greater Pittsburgh Regional